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Passion Explorers

Travel. For real.

Our creators

We say YES to:

  • Specializing only on destinations we have been to many times so we can create our own exclusive tours from A to Z.
  • Helping you with a member of our team being guide on all our tours.
  • An innovative approach on each of our destinations.
  • Creation of small privileged groups for a real travel quality.
  • Sharing our passion with you to create life experience as unique, authentic and sincere as possible.
  • We say NO to

  • Opening destinations we don't know personally.
  • Sending people across the globe without being there with them physically.
  • Reselling travel packages made by others.
  • Having big groups of "tourists" drowning in the midst of other groups.
  • Forgetting to have fun like unfortunate tours feeling like "assembly-line" tourism.
  • How Passion Explorers was born

    Relentlessly, lead by our insatiable thirst for discovery, novelty, new meetings, our trio of creators thoroughly browsed the world. The range of experience lived by all is second to none. Going out of your comfort zone is essential to move forward. This is exactly this comfort zone we have always been trying to avoid in order to find our life balance. We never get enough of this. Never enough of tastes, colors, local people, layovers, long-haul flights and jet lags. Never enough of local buses, smiles, discoveries, or impromptu situation. Travelling is our passion. A passion providing a zest for life, happiness without limit, eternal that will never fall into daily routine. It is this zest for life we want to pass on to you!
    But why passing on this passion? During every new adventure, we see a sad truth about "tourism". Tourism is this concept that send people in other countries. Unfortunately, tourism stops there as it does not allow to go as deep as we should to extract a unique and authentic experience. One just needs to listen to people about to travel. Tourists usually talk about "holidays". Travelers, on the other hand, talk about..."travel". We always asked ourselves a very important question: can we create true travel experience and memories by going with and guiding small privileged groups? Our field knowledge gave us a positive reply. It was time for action!
    Did we have to create travel experiences on all destination we had been to? No! Wanting to make a point of the authenticity of every destination offered, we decided to focus on just a few of those destinations. Why? Because we want to take you in countries we know like the back of our hands, i.e Indonesia, Egypt, Iceland and Budapest, Hungary.

    Creating experience in 4 destinations

    After many years spent the Hungarian capital city, Budapest barely has any more secrets for us. Always focusing on a different approach for all travel experience, we offer to discover the "Pearl of the Danube" as if you were a local. Without forgetting about the architectural all-time classics of this gem of a city, you will go where tourists don't go, eat where tourists don't eat, and come back being sure to having discover the real face of Budapest.
    The creation we are the most proud of. We are pioneers on this topic! Who never told themselves that what we are taught about Ancient Egypt, the Pharaohs and the Pyramids doesn't make a lot of sense? After countless trips of local investigation, our mission is to open consciousness. It is our duty to show what needs to be shown to understand that Ancient Egypt is nothing more than a persistent question mark, and that a new reality deserves to be discovered. Egypt through a different perspective, hand in hand with our researcher guide!
    With 17.000 islands, the country gathers an outstanding density of endemic species, and is one the world's largest biodiversity. Its volcanic origins also offer among some of the most unique decor you will ever find, not to mention the majestic temples of Bali and Java. If we go there every year, it simply is because there is no limit in the world's biggest archipelago. For years, we have been browsing relentlessly the wonders of these islands and can safely state that in Asia, Indonesia is our country!
    Undisputed ambassador for raw nature, this country has been a complete shock the first time we have been well as all the following times we stepped foot on this land! Nor words neither pictures can do justice to this freedom paradise where the most pure beauties of Mother Nature are interwining. Simply put. Iceland is the most beautiful country in the world, bar none".
    If we currently focus on 4 privileged destinations, you probably have already understood that this doesn't slow down our passion and desire for sharing discoveries, life experience and authenticity. That's why we will continue to write articles and share the best travel experiences we are going through.