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They opened their hearts and shared their experience with Passion Explorers

Pérou - Mystery on the Inca Trail

Raphael V. (France)
Fantastic settings, exceptional sites, a change of scenery as pleasant as the tour comfortable accommodation. Exciting explanations and an extraordinary atmosphere. I initially feared organized group tours, but I ended up loving the formula proposed by Passion Explorers. I met incredible people, more than half of whom came back from previous experience with Passion Explorers. Now I understand why so many of them were on their second trip ... I am now also contaminated, I will join another expedition organized by Passion Explorers, that's for sure.

Egypt - Secrets of the Pharaohs

Melody F. (France)
We had been waiting for this trip for a long time, and the magic worked! We had the chance to live this experience in the best way possible! Obviously, the beauty and magnificence of Egypt are second to none. But going with Passion Explorers on an adventure in Egypt is to start with an alternative approach that is perfectly suited to archeology and "forbidden" history lovers will enjoy going off the beaten path and staying away from mass tourism. The excellent organization allowed us to optimize our time on sites and our activities, with a group that found a super cohesion, We had the discovery of incredible and unforgettable sites. And finally, Jan our tour leader shared his passion, simplicity and authenticity. He sure loves what he does. If it was to do again, I would do it again, and certainly for other future destinations ... Another big thank you! I fully recommend Passion Explorers and wish them all the best!
Florence & Olivier (France)
We were used to organizing our trips ourselves, but to travel around Egypt we decided to rely on Jan and Passion Explorers, whom we discovered through his youtube videos that we already loved. And we were not disappointed ! We had enough time on each site to make an "official" visit with an Egyptian guide but also an "unofficial" tour by Jan and free time to explore on our own. We were able to discover in depth the "classic" sites and access sites that are less touristy but equally interesting. A big thank you to Jan, who can not do enough for his travelers, and the group we have traveled with, as we really felt like we were living with a group of friends!
Marc H. (France)
An exceptional tour with memories for a lifetime! I was able to discover an authentic and mysterious Egypt, surrounded by an exciting team (both companions and travelers) of passionate and great humans. The places to visit are rich, numerous and diversified, nevertheless it was possible for us to take our time, photograph, observe, learn but also simply enjoy freely! The organization was precise, but not military, and I, who, having never traveled before, feared this "organized tour" aspect. Boy was I wrong. I had the impression to go on an adventure with a group of friends! Thank you Jan, thank you Passion Explorers ! Next destination South America, I'm hooked ! :)
Loïc S. (France)
What to say... it was FANTASTIC! The trip itself was fantastic : the organization, everything was carried out quietly and smoothly. I never had a single concern. The time spent on sites was perfect. Your knowledge of places and people are an undeniable plus. Choice of hotels was great as well (the exceptional rooftop view in Giza) Jan thank you for your sharing your humor, skills, knowledge, spirit, good mood, etc etc
Delphine L. (France)
A perfect trip : warm, human, in a small group. It was almost like travelling with my family. Organisation was optimal. Highly recommended !
Pierre D. (France)
« Before we left, I never thought we'd see so many things in such a short time. Seeing the pyramids in real life and entering the Great Pyramid is a crazy experience. But what stroke me the most was the Osirion in Abydos which is an unreal place (...) actually I arrived with questions, and I left with with even more of those, and that was great because we really start rethinking our ancient past! Fullfiling experience! From a human standpoint this tour has also been very rewarding, and what a treat to cross the Nile on a boat almost every day! »
Jérémy W. (France)
« In my eyes, the 2 culminating points of the tour were the Serapeum of Saqqara and Dendera Temple. The Serapeum because of its incredible size and its underground megalithic boxes. Dendera, for its frescoes and the underground crypt that are to me 2 key components in understanding the origins of the Egyptian people, where it came from and what it has been.»
Arnaud G. (France)
« For my first time in Egypt, I will foremost remember the immensity of the Giza plateau. Having breakfast face to face with the Sphinx is truly incredible! Second of all, I'd say that the strongest aspect was the human touch of the adventure created by Passion Explorers and the great atmosphere among the group. Great people who increased the fun of this tour. »
Frédéric C. (France)
« Magnificient tour that I probably wouldn't have ever done without this opportunity. The little extra thing was that during those "unstable times" we were often alone on the sites which truly gave a feeling of being privileged. The choice of the sites selected was is almost perfect but I would shorten Aswan in order to add...a night in the desert to see the stars? :) Maybe not so easy for those travelling during hot times.»
Cindy & Florian T. (France)
Big thanks to Passion Explorers for their professionalism and the fine organization. Thanks to them, we realized our dream! This Egypt trip was perfect and will stay forever in our memories! We will use your services again to continue to explorer this beautiful planet!
Laetitia G. (France)
I travelled to Egypt and I do not regret it. We came across a great group (I still can not believe it) and travelling with Passion Explorers and Jan was obviously a significant asset. We really took the time to admire the wonders of each site and to confront the reality of constructions with the theses commonly taught ... very informative. I must add that Jan has been very attentive to our well-being!
Pierre-Alexandre P. (France)
"I truly recommend Passion Explorers. I spent one of the best moments of my life with Jan and the people who took part of the trip. The trip vas high quality and Jan's alternative archeology knowledge allowed us to live a unique experience. And since this kind of travel is prized by passionate people, the human adventure was very enriching!"!
Tony M. (France)
"I travelled to Egypt with Passion Explorers and it was perfect! Choices of hotels, restaurants and sites were excellent. About organization, it was without fault! For your planned trip, you can trust them all the way!"
Mohammed H. (Egypte)
if you are looking forward to travel around Egypt or some where else, you will never find better company than Passion Explorers as they help you to get the real experience of the country. Feel free to just book with them.
Bernard R. (Suisse)
If you want to live an exceptional adventure and meet wonderful people, you are just at the right place. If Egypt and its mysteries always called you out, contact Jan, you will not regret it! On a personal note, I lived unbelievable moments, contemplated mindblowing landscapes and learnt a lot about locals and their habits. It has been one of the best moments in my life! Adding to that, it is not an “ordinary” travel company only interested to your money and which abandons you once the forfeit is payed… Before leaving, a friend of mine wrote to me and said: “travels are a return to essential”… This saying can be fully understood once you are in front of the pyramids, with Jan’s company. :)
Maxime H. (France)
I spent with Jan and the group 15 fantastic days mixing discoveries, cultures and incredible landscapes. This trip leads you to question the theses learned at school over the visits. A rewarding and intellectually stimulating experience with a steady pace but spent in good humor (mostly initiated by Jan) and the "how did they do it ..." blissfully repeated by everyone in front of the gigantism, precision and beauty of those ancient achievements. One last word on Passion Explorers logistics: very professional (especialy the choice of hotels) Have a good trip with Passion Explorers !
François D. (France)
I went to Egypt with my wife and it was a real pleasure! Top management, excellent choice of hotels, a fantastic journey through Egypt with the visit of different sites well chosen by Jan. Everything is very well put together, it's a real pro work from Passion Explorers! Do not hesitate, they're the best! Again thank you for this trip and hopefully very soon for new adventures!
Marine G. (France)
A great trip ! A different way to travel and visit. Unforgettable! I would go back with Passion Explorers in a blink of an eye. From the organization to the choice of sites and places, as well as how to approach them. Jan, thank you for your good mood and the sharing of your knowledge and passion during these 12 magical days.
Linda V. (France)
Travel with Passion Explorer ! you will not regret it !!! This trip to Egypt was fantastic, with a great group, great organization, and a guide ... amazing !!! Thanks Passion Explorers !!!! We will come back !!!
Christine C. (France)
It was a real pleasure to go exploring the mysteries of Egypt with Jan Niedbala and Passion Explorers. We were finally able to see it with our own eyes, touch and discuss among ourselves everything still not explained by official archeology. This trip was exciting and intellectually active to say the very least. I encourage everyone who would like to participate ... Go ahead without second thoughts ... because it will be the trip of a lifetime! Thanks again Jan and thank you Passion Explorers!
Z.B. (Belgique)
One of the best trips I've ever made. Thanks to you Jan for taking care of us as your own family and having surprised us day by day with great sites, conveniently located hotels and delicious local meals (wow that fish stew!). I loved the mix between younger and older people, for what it brought me. I will never forget the constant sharing (and I miss it already). You are gems of knowledge and curiosity. Thank you all for your openness and constant questioning about the sites we were exploring and topics covered for hours. For all that, thank you to Passion Explorers to exist for this unique and authentic experience! A school of life ... certainly! I'll go again asap !

Cambodge / Thaïlande - Voyage Archéo Trip

Cris C. (France)
You want amazingly beautiful, friendly, magical travel experience as well as comfortable hotels off the beaten path? Do not hesitate, go to Thailand and Cambodia with Passion Explorers Tours. In no way will you be disappointed or have enough eyes to contemplate the wonders that await you. Thank you Passion Explorers
Fanny S. (France)
Magic and passion in Thailand and Cambodia, An authentic trip, one of the most beautiful I have ever done! It's hard to find words in the face of so much visual and emotional beauty! An extraordinary human experience, a taste explosion, awesome organization and sites that were indescribably exceptional ... Discoveries, laughs, sunsets and chill ... UNIQUE!!! I came back refreshed ... and I'm already waiting for the next one! Once again Thanks Passion Explorers !

Budapest - Escapade gourmande et culturelle

Tom C. (Pays-Bas)
"Jan was a great guide. Not only because he made me discover a Budapest that I never could have imagined but also because he gave his all to share his love for this superb city. Walking around the city as locals do is an experience I would highly recommend! And if you are like, a group of good buddies, then the cocktail will be perfect!"
Nick L. (Pays-Bas)
"Along with 3 friends, I loved this city, especially its burgers! I'm used to eating Amsterdam automatic street food and I never thought that "street food" could have so much taste! And I guess there are still tons of burger places we haven't seen...Yes I love burgers :) I also really liked Jan's explanations in front of the parliament."
Amer S. (Pays-Bas)
"In February 2016 I went to Budapest with a group of friends and had he pleasure of being guided by Jan. I loved discovering the city as if I was living there. We learned a lot and kept a real freedom to do whatever we wanted to, or go wherever we felt like as Jan was opening endless possibilities in the city. Great experience!"
Martjin B. (Pays-Bas)
"Jan showed us a Budapest I didn't know although I had been there twice already, but I would mainly tell a story that my kid's mind truly loved. As we were crossing a charming street full of restaurants, Jan suddenly changed directions to the left. A few seconds later we were almost alone in a huge arcade place where we spent almost 2 hours glued to those big video games! I would have never thought that we'd see such a thing a few steps from restaurants! When I think about games arcade right in the city center...What a great trip down memory lane! Thanks Jan :) "

Voyages à la carte

Romain V. (Etats-Unis)
"My experience with Passion Explorers is one of my best travel memories. I have been loving travelling for quite some time and I was very surprised to see how much better a travel experience becomes when you get your own road sheet with all kinds of advice, good addresses usually not in guidebooks, etc...what a treat to bargain a car for the day in Asia without getting robbed! Off the beaten paths and ready to go, those tailor made trips are what suits me best for sure!"
David Sz. (Hongrie)
We travelled to Bali through a custom made trip that Jan created for my wife and I. It really felt like an authentic adventure where we got to see and taste the real Bali life, cuisine, and atmosphere. The highlights of the trip were the gorgeous hotels picked by Jan in Ubud, a surprise day trip that included hidden wild waterfalls, the food advice as well as the chilled moments, snorkeling and people in Gili Air!
Dimitri G. (France)
Not being a travel expert myself, I always have this strange feeling of having missed certain things during my trips. With Passion Explorers I must admit, before anything else, that I felt releaved. I just had to sit back, relax, enjoy, explore, discover, share and let myself go with the flow. A unique human experience. I especially appreciated being taken care of by competent people who were also quite generous but more importantly greatly passionate. The true beauty of the world.
Florian T. (France)
Big thanks to Passion Explorers for their professionalism and the fine organization. Thanks to them, we realized our dream! This Egypt trip was perfect and will stay forever in our memories! We will use your services again to continue to explorer this beautiful planet!