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The Iceberg Lake of Jokulsarlon

January 9, 2017
Hverfjall Volcano
January 9, 2017
Krafla Lava Fields
January 9, 2017

Ride in the middle of Jökulsarlon icebergs.

On-site, you will be able to ride on this big lake on amphibious or pneumatic boats. Do not worry, you will still be at good distance from the icebergs, avoiding to take a bath in the ice cold water of Jökulsarlon! For the coldest feet, you can also discover the lake on foot and it won’t take anything away from the beauty of the site.

This lake is full of fishes, as you might see some seals at the mouth of the lake, where they gather to catch their food. Many bird species also live in the surroundings of the lake, like penguins, gulls or arctic terns. If you get there in summer, you will see the big skuas, also called “sea pirates” who are harassing smaller birds and make them their preys.
Islande - La lac d’icebergs de Jökulsarlon
The most adventurous might try to camp on the edge of the lake. You will enjoy amazing sunsets and sunrises and the lake will be entirely yours exclusively, avoiding all the tourists for a while. Those same tourists who get away from there as soon as the visit of the lake is over without going on the other side to walk on the sand beach on which hundreds of giant ice cubes are lying. When sunlight goes through them, they become the main event of this magical place for sure!

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