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Solheimasandur Plane Crash

January 9, 2017
Kirkjufell Waterfall
January 9, 2017
Skogafoss Waterfall
January 9, 2017

On November 24th of 1973, a Super DC-3 plane from US Navy crash landed on Solheimasandur beach in southern Iceland. Hopefully, there were no human losses. The fuselage was abandoned and became one of Iceland’s hidden gems. Striking contrast of the white carcasse of the plane lying on this black sand beach offers an astonishing spectacle worthy of a science-fiction movie.

To get to this place, you will need patience and attention. On the way from west to east from Skogafoss, you will see a road sign indicating an exit way to road 221, towards Solheimajokull. Do not turn, but go forward for about 2 kilometers. Stay attentive, especially when the weather is bad, and try to look for a barrier which should be located at the following GPS coordinates! 63.4912391, -19.3632810. Then, a 45 minutes walk will be needed from the main road to complete the 4 kilometers to the plane.
Islande - Le crash d’avion de Solheimasandur

Icelandic plane crash now closed to cars.

It’s only since the beginning of 2016 that the barrier is closed. Before that, it was opened according to the will of the peasant owners of those lands, letting travelers go in this infinite beach. Sadly, abuses and degradations occurred so peasants grudgingly decided to close the access for vehicles. Grudgingly, because Icelanders have always been proud to let people know about their country and its marvels, whatever they are. Nowadays, it is not possible to get there by car and walking is the only option. We were very luck to go there one last time in June 2015. ☺

There has been some little change since the closing of the barrier. Peasants improved road markings so walkers could locate themselves more easily in this endless anthracite. Let’s not forget that the distance is 4 kilometers long and, as shown on the picture, even by car, it is quite the trip.
Islande - Le crash d’avion de Solheimasandur
Islande - Le crash d’avion de Solheimasandur, aurore boréale

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