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Skogafoss Waterfall

January 9, 2017
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January 9, 2017
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January 9, 2017
Powerful Skogafoss Waterfall in Iceland
Among the thousands waterfalls across the country, many of them have their own specific features. Skogafoss is one of the biggest waterfalls in all Iceland.

The small charming village of Skogar, with a small population of only 30 residents, is located in the south of the island, 150 km away from Reykjavik. Easy to reach, you will not have any problem to go there by following road 1.
Seljalandsfoss, Iceland

From small turf houses to huge Skogafoss waterfall.

At Skogar, go to the folk museum which hosts a collection of objects and icelandic traditional art. Treasures, fish boats, two head sheeps, Icelandic fairytales and legends: your visit will be delightful as it will happen in the turf houses, those small houses with green grass on their rooftops.

But the main attraction of the region is a few kilometers away: the impressive Skogafoss waterfall, 60 meters high, and born in the Skoga river. Besides its enormity, its particularity is that people can climb to its very top to enjoy the sight. When weather is sunny, you will be able to contemplate a wonderful rainbow. Fond of legends, Icelandics have one for Skogafoss waterfall as well: a Viking treasure is hidden behind the waterfall. Unfortunately, as you might already have read in the Seljalandsfoss waterfall article, only this waterfall allows you to walk behind water. So, if you have a soul of wanderer and want to look for the treasure in order to verify the veracity of the legend, you will have to be properly equipped to go through the water wall. ☺
Islande - Cascade de Skogafoss

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