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Myvatn Lake

January 10, 2017
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January 9, 2017
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June 2, 2017
Myvatn Lake is a good place for hiking, on foot or by bike, rentable in the city of Reykjahlid few kilometers away in north east. So, go to Reykjahlid, not only for your bike but also to taste the local speciality: rye bread baked in clay with salmon or trout, delicious!

Then walk around the lake to find various geological sites, shaped by volcanic activity through the years. Stop by Stutustadir farm to see pseudo-craters formed by vapor explosions. This only other place where this phenomenon can be observed is… planet Mars! There is a reason why we often write that we believe to be on this planet all along this Iceland trip!
Islande - Le lac de Myvatn
Islande - Le lac de Myvatn
If you are nearby this area, go also to Hverfjall, this volcano on which you will have an extraordinary panorama all over the region. Take time to admire Dimmu Borgir, an amazing landscape with lava needles, caves, gigantic arches and big formations of rocks with hoods of lava on their top. Have a little rest at Myvatn hot springs. In the middle of a lunar landscape, the small opal Jardbodin lagoon will make you spend and enjoy a moment of serenity as it’s less prized by travelers than Blue Lagoon.
Islande - Le lac de Myvatn

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