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Krafla Lava Fields

January 9, 2017
January 9, 2017
Svartifoss Waterfall
January 9, 2017
Islande - Hverfjall

Krafla, lava fields in a cataclysmic area!

After a 10 to 15 minutes walk from the nearest parking area, whoever discovers the zone around Krafla, and more specifically Krafla Lava Fields, is submerged by the first impression of a cataclysm. But in the middle of this dramatic and apocalyptic setting, a real treasure of nature is hidden.

When you arrive at Krafla Lava Fields, you will immediately feel the strong smell of the emanations of sulfur and the still fuming volcanic wastes as far as the eye can see. This feeling is usually paired with discomfort but this amazing sight in front of you will make you forget everything. Visitors from all around the world find there a unique experience as they walk through Krafla Lava Fields, still intact for many years. A real miracle.

You will be able to travel across this smooth hell by taking the wooden paths of the area. However, as adventurous as you already are, you might take one additional advice: get out of the wooden paths and walk directly on the volcanic soil. The vapor of iron and still fuming lava will warm up your thirst for the unusual as your feet will slowly take you far off the beaten tracks.

By walking down this place, we are also confronting some areas which have you think of Hverir and Namafjall, located just a few kilometers away, down Road 1, the Icelandic Ring Road.
The geothermic activity of the region is so high that since the 70’s the Leirbotn plant produces 25% of all Iceland energy!!

The icelandic legend of Krafla

Legend has it that Krafla Lava Fields are the expression of human souls sent from Hell because this area is supposed to be the Devil’s final destination after his expulsion from Paradise. Some say the region is a place chosen by elves to protect it. Others say it is Antic God’s battleground. These days, still 50% of Icelandic people believe in the existence of elves or “hidden people”, the “Huldufolks”.

To get to Krafla Lava Fields, drive from Myvatn to the East on Ring Road. Once you passed Hverir and Namafjall on your right, drive a few hundred meters more to see the Krafla sign on your left. Turn and you will soon see the Leirbotn central. If you reach Viti Crater, you have already gone too far. If you choose to go to the hiking site, there are many paths which are connecting Leirhnjùkur to Hverfjall Crater and the rocky fields of Dimmu Borgir.

Islande - Hverfjall

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