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Saqqara – The Mystery of the Serapeum

January 9, 2017
Aswan – Elephantine Island
January 9, 2017
Giza – Mykerinos Pyramid and its granit’s enigmatic shapes
January 9, 2017

This boxes are supposed to be recipients for bulls sacrificed by the Ancients to God Apis. Who came up with this theroy? Auguste Mariette, who discovered the site in 1850. Among the 24 boxes, he only found one (!) mummy of bull, attributing it to those who built the boxes and assuming their purpose. However, nothing tells us that the people who put bulls inside are the same who built these unthinkable single blocks.

Auguste Mariette, whose research notes have mysteriously disappeared, indicated that since he only found one mummy, the 23 others have been rubbed, which would explain the fact that the other lids were found open. But how can we explain that the only “box” found still intact and closed, was opened with dynamite by the very same Mariette before he discovered that it was… empty?! What happened to the bull? His theory didn’t make sense.

Egypte - Saqqara – Le Mystère du Serapeum
Egypte - Saqqara – Le Mystère du Serapeum

Primitive writing on advanced realization

Another interesting fact, that we analyze each of our visits on the site, is the incoherence regarding the hieroglyphs (applied on only one of the 24 boxes). First, we clearly see that the hieroglyphs are nowhere near being precise. Furthermore, their quality is very low, far from what can be found everywhere else in Egypt. Yet, these glyphs are written on a surface reaching a level of perfection that we cannot explain...
Then comes hieroglyphic grammar. It is unthinkable that a hieroglyphic sentence makes Osiris fall back to second place. Obviously, those who wrote this did not know what they were doing. When we gather the low quality and the grammatical mistakes of the hieroglyphs, all of this on a realization which needs technical features which cannot be explained, we quickly understand that these vessels and hieroglyphs are not contemporary.
Let’s get back to a more thrilling question: how these vessels have been built precisely? And with which means? No valuable explanation has been given yet. If for sure, they were not built by human hand, are they the proof of the existene of advanced and forgotten technologies? More curiously, the signs on the site indicate that guards are strictly forbidden to give any piece of information on this topic. One more mystery we will try to solve on each of our group travels.

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