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Aswan- The granit ball, when three different civilizations are witnessing !

The Colossi of Memnon
January 9, 2017
Aswan – Elephantine Island
January 9, 2017
Among all of what can be seen at Aswan, all of these curiosities, all of these anomalies, all of these astonishing structures, a mysterious granite ball in the middle of Elephantine Island got our attention. What is so mysterious about it? We investigated!
Compared to other constructions, this Aswan mysterious granite ball has nothing extraordinary in terms of cut or finish. However, its shape is very special and we think it was not finished to its real final purpose. Its round shape stays perfect, which is remarkable.
Egypte - Assouan – La boule de granit, quand trois différentes civilisations témoignent !

Let’s focus now on what we see around the ball, two walls and a staircase, well distinct from another. Like in Cuzco, Peru, there is no doubt that many civilizations have succeeded one another on Aswan’s Elephantine Island. On the right side of the ball, there is a well built wall with undeniable structural qualities, but non-megalithic. It might have been built by Egyptians during the dynastic period, but not by pre-dynastic Egyptians to whom alternative explorers often attribute megalithic realizations. On the left side, there is a lower quality wall made of clay bricks, a common thing in Egypt these days. These two walls could not have been built at the same time, by the “same Egyptians”. The two walls and the stairs have been built around the ball, way too massive to be moved. Answering the megalithic criterias of pre-dynastic Egypt, there is, just like Cuzco, a central room surrounded by realizations which lose in quality as we get closer to our age.
Mur de Cuzco au Pérou qui montre les mêmes anachronismes. Un mur mégalithique le plus ancien autour duquel sont venus se greffer des murs de moins en moins bonne qualité.
Wall from Cuzco, Peru, showing the same anachronisms. An ancient megalithic wall around which lower and lower quality walls have been built step by step.
The precise dating of this mysterious Aswan ball granit remains impossible. The mystery is total!

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