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8 attractions in Tanzania

Myvatn Lake
January 10, 2017
On the shore of Indian Ocean, Tanzania is a real Eastern Africa jewel. Many travelers go to discover this country full of culture, landscapes, animals, and which has so much to offer. Here is a preview of the Tanzanian greatness with 8 selected excerpts.

1. Climb the Kilimandjaro

Get some equipement and wear good shoes to face the challenge of the ascent of Mount Kilimandjaro, 5895 meters high and main attraction of Tanzania. It will take approximatively one week and a good physical condition! On the way, you will be able to meet buffalos, cheetahs, elephants in the national park of the tropical forest and many species of birds in the alpine area.
Elephant grazes at foot of Mount Kilimanjaro in Amboseli national park, southern Kenya

2. Escape to Zanzibar

Zanzibar is a heavenly archipelago comprised of 3 islands (Unguja, Mafia and Pemba), facing the Tanzanian coasts. Mask and snorkel will be needed to enjoy marine fauna, amazing reefs and swim alongside dolphins. At the opposite, go shopping in the markets of the old town of Zanzibar, Stone Town or venture in the Jozani forest, home natural reserve of the famous monkey “red colmonbus”.

3. Visit Serengeti National Park

African safaris’ finest. Serengeti National Park is the world’s biggest national wildlife park. You may have the luck to witness the big migration, wide move of herds of wildebeests, gazelles, zebras but also their predators, lions, hyenas and lycaons. The best thing is to fly over the Serengeti plains with balloon to take wonderful shots!

4. Discover the Tanzanian culture

Tanzania is represented by nonetheless than 120 ethnicities! A real patchwork of culture. Go to the Massai land and meet the young adults about to become “morans”, full members of the Massai community. The Hadzabes, living due to the savanna’s ressources, will initiate you to archery while the Datogas, easily recognizable by their tattoos around their eyes and experts in metallurgy, will teach you about their traditional art.

5. Eat local

In terms of flavors, Tanzania has a lot to offer. Taste ugali, polenta of cooked corn or manioc, often accompanied by meat stew, oignons, chopped vegetables, samussas and mishikakis (skewers). Don’t forget to ease your thirst with banana and honey beer or pombe, fermented sugar cane juice.

6. Go to Ngorongoro crater

Located between Serengeti and Manyara lake, Ngorongoro crater is an inexhaustible source of water which attracts all kinds of animals (zebras, buffalos, flamingos…). This crater, which diameter is around 20 kilometers, was formed following the explosion and the collapsing of a volcano, millions of years ago.

7. Go to Dar Es Salam

Dar Es Salam is a must do. A bustling, multicultural, different, one of its kind city. You will discover many cultures, artisanal markets which will titillate your senses, restaurants in which you will be able to quench your hunger and above all, a lot of shops.

8. Contemplate the gorges of Olduvai

In the Serengeti plain, near the kenyan border, stands a gem of archeology. Discovered in 1910, the gorges of Olduvai’s history is millions of years old. Called “cradle of humanity” by few, they have volcanic rocks in their depths. Moreover, researchers found there, at the end of the 50’s, a skull of fossile hominid, who may have lived 1.5 million years ago. .

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